I'm listening to the new Helms Alee album.  It was one of the surprises of the fall.  A definite best album of 2008.  And it makes me think of Hydra Head Records.  I know it was founded by Aaron Turner, but I believe it is primarily run by Mark Thompson.  I've had the opportunity to hang in Mr. Thompson's circle at a few shows.  The fringe, you might say.  Based purely on observation, I recognized that this was a good man.  There's no Hollywood in him.  He watches shows like the rest of us.  There's no scene.  This is a humble guy.  So that makes it easy to appreciate what he has done with this label.  He's finding amazing talent on a national level.  Just this year - Pyramids, Harvey Milll, Torche, Zozobra, and the list goes on.  And although Hydra Head is a national label, it's still an LA label, and I'm not sure this city fully appreciates what it's got.  So I'm calling for a Hydra Head Showcase in Los Angeles.  We shouldn't have to go to SXSW for it.  And Tee Pee, a NYC label, has their Manifest Destiny right here in Echo Park.  Come on Mr. Thompson, you're a Boston man - you must resist this Brooklyn invasion.  Please give us what we don't know we want.