Farflung and Ancestors?

So last week I wrote about my recently acquired fascination wth Farflung.  I saw them play as a 4-piece last night at Bordello under the name The Sons of Cydonia.  It was perfect.  I know the band was somewhat uneasy with the short squad, but they gave me what I was looking for.  Even down two guitarists, their sound is huge.   It was basically all rhythm, and I was still getting chills.  That may have been due in part to the 127.5 proof bourbon that fueled my evening, but the band contributed for sure.  After the show, I gently pleaded with the drummer to give us a date in LA before they head off for Roadburn.  He was non-committal, but suggested something may be happening with Ancestors at the end of next month.  Those guys pummeled my ears the night before in a bloodletting sort of way.  That would be a must-see show.  I must also acknowledge the performance of the guests of honor, The Swords of Fatima,  whose CD release was the whole reason for the event.  A guitar and drums duo, their sound is unique, and everyone can play.  Buka tunes her guitar like a banjo.  Minimal singing with a sound like a surf band from the Subcontinent.            

Farflung "Endless Drifting Wreck"