Snakes Behind My Eyes

We don't just promote noise.  We've also been known to drink wine, eat cheese, and enjoy the visual arts on occasion.  Through February 7th, the DIYGallery is displaying the work of Kevin Rutmanis, former bassist for a bunch of great bands - The Cows, The Melvins, and Tomahawk.  Here's a more complete bio from Wikipedia, but the fact he put out 8 albums on Amphetamine Reptile is all you really need to know:

Kevin Rutmanis was born Kevin Roberts Visvaldis Rutmanis in the Bronx, New York in 1958 to Latvian immigrants.  Kevin's family moved to Lincoln, Nebraska afterwards.  Rutmanis completed a public school education where he excelled in music playing the piano and cello.  He moved to the Minneapolis area in 1976.  Rutmanis attended the University of Minnesota where he befriended Thor Eisentrager.  In late 1985, Kevin, Thor, Kevin's younger brother Sandris Rutmanis, and then Jayhawks drummer Norm Rogers started the band The Cows.  After the dissolution of The Cows, Kevin was the bass guitar player for The Melvins from 1998 to 2005.  Kevin was also the bass guitarist in the supergroup Tomahawk featuring Mike Patton.  Kevin played bass on Tomahawk' s first two CDs titled Tomahawk and Mit Gas.  He is currently in the band hepa-Titus.

Mr. Rutmanis's collection can be seen Tuesday-Saturday from 12 pm - 6 pm until the 7th, when the show culminates with a Closing Reception from 7-11 pm.  Check it out.