Johnny Ramone Tribute

I usually leave the punk shit in the capable hands of Professor Bunkum but he's been consumed with building the Edward Colver empire and other business pursuits. Fortunately, this event gives you pretty much everything you need to know in one visually overwhelming poster.  I must say the thought of seeing the world premiere of the 3D version of Night of the Living Dead in a cemetery seems like a pretty good time.  It will be introduced by Rose McGowan, newly unshackled from Robert Rodriguez, and maybe in the mindset to make a new mistake.  Others expected to be roaming around include Steve Jones, Billy Zoom, Stan Lee of the Dickies and Jeff McDonald of Redd Kross.  An autograph signing with the remarkably still live and in person Tommy and CJ Ramone will go down at 7 pm, and the screenings will begin by 9 pm.  You can bring all the drinks you want.  And although you'll be surrounded by decaying corpses, this night is all about saving lives.  Whatever "net proceeds" are generated from the donations will benefit prostate cancer research.  Fuck you, breasts.  It's our turn.