The Industrial Offering - KMFDM Sucks!

It's clear you guys have a thing for Japanese instrumental rock.  Yesterday's Mono giveaway was a success.  Now we learn how you feel about Industrial.  The jet lag is starting to win.  Last night's Ambien didn't really work.  It gave me time to figure shit out, only to realize later that none of the shit I figured out was actually happening to me.  And yet somehow life feels more complicated now.     

KMFDM have been around for a long time - in fact, the Kein Mitleid Tour celebrates "25 Years of the Heavy Beat."  KMFDM has been amazingly prolific over that time considering that just one founding member (Sascha Konietzko) remains.  Their electronica risked turning me off, but the riffs were heavy and undeniably sick.  And I like being yelled at by Germans.  I was never a diehard, with maybe just two albums and their contributions to WaxTrax's Black Box in my collection, but they're have been certain times when the moment calls for KMFDM.   If I owned a strip club, their songs would be on regular rotation.  A worldwide search for a Lucia Cifarelli lookalike may even be required.  Damn, the Ambien has still not worn off. 

Club Nokia isn't a strip club, but it's still pretty nice.  I hear that it soon might get nicer when they pull those posts down on the floor level.  If only Echoplex could do the same.  And with two VIP tickets, the night is yours.  I might go just to check out the demographics.  So if you can make it downtown next Friday the 16th, contact us here or email thecityofdevils@

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TEASER ALERT:  We'll be giving away Skinny Puppy tix later this fall.