A Wednesday Night Doubleheader in WeHo

As Eastsiders, we usually have a lot of trepidation about a night on the Sunset Strip, or as Daniel Dismal call it, the Red Light District.  Maybe it's not fair, but we just don't feel comfortable there.  Could be all the cops.  But the right lineup can make us feel at home, and tonight, we might just sleep over.  First up at the Troubadour (by far the best venue in West Hollywood) are two of our favorites:  FU MANCHU and IT'S CASUAL.  LA Weekly just followed out lead and published a profile on IT'S CASUAL and its frontman, Eddie Solis:

Solis’ band, an impossibly loud punk/hardcore duo called It’s Casual, addresses transit issues with an urgency hitherto unmatched in the realm of urban planning. Imagine Henry Rollins at a City Council Transportation Committee meeting, all neck veins and municipal outrage, and you get the picture.

Onstage, Solis’ eyes bulge amid a shock of curly hair, his throat emitting the collective war cry of a million frustrated commuters: “Los Angeles! There’s too many people! I want them to go away!”

Here are set times for the Troubadour show:

Chingalera 8:30 pm
It's Casual 9:15 pm
Fu Manchu 10:15 pm

Right after, and just up the hill, IT'S CASUAL's labelmates on Neurot, SHRINEBUILDER, will play two sets at the Viper Room.  That show will begin with a "standard" set at 11 pm, probably consisting of their entire eponymous album that was released a few weeks ago, followed by an "improv" set, usually a sign that a night could go bad, but there's no chance of that with this lineup.