Saturday Ticket Giveaways

We have a bunch of tickets for two shows on Saturday to share with you. 

First up, is the pretty amazingly diverse lineup of RUSSIAN CIRCLES, YOUNG WIDOWS and HELMS ALEE at the Echoplex.  We're fans of all three bands.   RUSSIAN CIRCLES is touring in support of their new album, Geneva.  Instrumental bands are particularly vulnerable to the third album curse, but RUSSIAN CIRCLES surely defied it with a release that completely lives up to its stellar reviewsYOUNG WIDOWS have no new material that we're aware of but their take on the style of noise made not-so-famous by the 1990s AmRep roster (HAMMERHEAD, I miss you) is completely ferocious in the live setting.  You will want more.  And finally, HELMS ALEE is a Hydrahead band that we've been hyping since this blog began almost a year ago.  I was a bit disappointed by their sound when they opened for ISIS back in May but I don't know if the blame rested with the band, their equipment, front of house, or the lack of a proper soundcheck.  Whatever it was, I've heard enough about them to convince me that night was an anomaly, and I think a smaller venue might treat them right.  For those of you too young to get into the Echoplex, this same lineup plays Chain Reaction on Friday night.

Our second offering may be a shock to you, because it is to me.  When I found out we could give away tickets to STRYPER at Club Nokia, I laughed and told the guy that we would probably not get a single response.  But social experiments are fun, so here we are.  STRYPER got popular during my adolescent satanist stage, and if I knew Mike Judge, it would have been them rather than WINGER on Stewart's shirt.  I remember seriously questioning whether I could stay tight with a good drummer friend that insisted that To Hell With the Devil was a masterpiece.  If he had not also worshipped KING DIAMOND, it would have been over.  All these years later, the Yellow and Black Attack has returned.  While I can't say I have grown to like their music, credit must be given for making a name in the mainstream metal world as a Christian band.  In that sense, they truly broke ground and few Christian metal bands have been able to replicate their success.

If you to prove me wrong and get tickets to either show, contact us here or email  Tickets will be given to the first to respond.  I will post a follow-up when they're all gone.