Helen Money - Finding Darkness in Beauty at the Bootleg

Click Pic for TicketsHELEN MONEY is Alison Chesley, a Chicago-based cellist and composer that grew up in the City of Devils.  To an untrained ear like mine, it's not that obvious she is even playing a cello.  Her use of distortion, delay and looping effects can trick you into thinking she's playing electric guitar, and that may be exactly what she's after.  Only when she strips it all away and comes clean do you fully appreciate the sound she has created.  The end result at times is heavier than you might expect, but it starts making sense when you learn that her new and second album, In Tune, was produced by Greg Norman (Pelican, Neurosis, Russian Circles) mixed by Sanford Parker (Minsk, Rwake, Nachtmystium).  The heavy metal/psych work is starting to take notice, and Chesley has recently collaborated with RUSSIAN CIRCLES, ANTHRAX and MONO, and has fittingly opened for EARTH.  But the band that she might fit best with is SUNN O))).  It's that powerful and captivating, but somehow calming.  As LA City Beat puts it:

[Helen Money] conjures up truly majestic music from her bow: It's the sound of wounded forests, of trees harboring centuries of resentment. Lovers of modern minimalists, of folk music, and of doom metal should all find something to thrill here.

So come out and experience something truly unique on Tuesday at the Bootleg Theater (2220 Beverly Boulevard just west of Alvarado St).  HELEN MONEY opens the show at 8 pm.