Have you seen Professor?

Over the least few months, the most frequently asked question I've heard out at shows is "Have you seen PROFESSOR?"  Each time I've had to answer "No".  But that's going to change after Monday because I've cleared the calendar that night to see those guys along with MOAB at, of all places, Les Deux. Yes, the Hollywood nightclub owned by the Dolce Group that was made famous by MTV's scripted reality show, The Hills.  But as always happens, the douchery have probably moved on to the next place and now Les Deux has to find new clientele.  Once a place like this starts courting longhairs and beardies, the end is near, right?  Hopefully not.  At this point, we need all the venues we can get. 

Even though I was initially convinced this show listing was a joke, a little investigation revealed that Monday night at Les Deux is now regularly "Rock Mondays" with free admission and $3 beers/shots between 10-11 (the Hollywood discrimination begins at 11 when they charge just guys $5 admission).  The show is being put on by our good friend Martin of OVRCAST and hosted by Tuesdae of the CHELSEA GIRLS, who not so coincidentally has recently formed a band with the guys of PROFESSOR called HUNTRESS.  It's bound to be a memorable evening.  How often do you experience the "European lifestyle mixed with a sexy decor"?  Don't you dare miss it.