Holy Grail is Terrorizer's Band of the Day

Proudly hailng from Pasadena a la Van Halen, HOLY GRAIL have caught the attention of the European press and have just been honored as Terrorizer Magazine's Band of the Day:

Turns out the latest hot proponent of American true metal, Holy Grail are set to release their debut full-length on Prosthetic, nice one EJ! We're already in a fit over Zuul and High Spirits and now Holy Grail have come along to take the spirit of the British new wave metal from the '80s away from those pesky Swedes; Portrait, Enforcer and Helvetets Port. The band will apparently release a special limited EP in the New Year to make their mark on the metal world.

The band, formerly known as Sorcerer, features three former members of Lost Prophets sound-alikes White Wizzard and take their influence from such classic metal acts as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, and the Scorpions. Vocalist James Paul Luna's Rob Halford meets Sebastian Bach voice belts out lyrics focusing on "Chicks, Vikings, Ex-Chicks, Being Tough, Macho/Machismo, FEMA, Fabio, Conan, Rad Dinosaurs, UFOs and Bilderberg Group" (nice!) while guitarists James J LaRue and Eli Santana's dueling solos play out like a fencing match and bassist Blake Mount and drummer Tyler Meahl gallop like a pack of wild horses. After just a handful of shows, the band have already landed a 2-page feature in the LA Weekly, and have planted their boot firmly on the throat of LA's metal scene. I wanna see them! Luckily I won't have long to wait as they will also be hitting Europe in 2010 to bring their brand of LA metal to our ears.

HOLY GRAIL have been out on the road with THREE INCHES OF BLOOD and SAVIOURS but that tour makes a local stop Tuesday at the all ages Chain Reaction in Anaheim.  They also play another all ages gig at the Whisky on December 11th.