Shrinebuilder Resurrects the Viper Room

Since 2008 the Viper Room has been owned by the Pink Taco guy who supposedly is aiming to make the club into a worldwide franchise a la the Hard Rock Cafe.  The economy thankfully may have put a hitch into those plans.  When will people learn that franchised venues devalue the experience??  Music ≠ food.  But next week the Viper Room will be temporarily purified of its dubious corporate aspirations by waves of blissful doom.  Eddie Solis's CLUB MY WAR O))) is presenting the North American live premiere of SHRINEBUILDER and its all-star lineup that includes Scott Kelly, Wino, Al Cisneros, and Dale Crover on November 11th at the Viper Room.  There's no excuse to miss this.  Should sell out quick so get on it. 

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No opener.  Different sets to begin at 11 PM and 1 AM.  A night that even the most stoner among us will remember.