Karma to Burn Tonight @ Spaceland

We had nothing on the calendar for this weekend, leaving us with an empty feeling inside.  Well, it turns out we overlooked a pretty killer show tonight at Spaceland.  West Virginia's KARMA TO BURN has reunited this year and will be joined by 16 and TOTIMOSHIKARMA TO BURN plays instrumental metal with numeric songtitles that would seem more at home in the deserts of Southern California than the hills of Morgantown.  Their touring lineup includes Will Mecum on guitar, Rich Mullin (Year Long Disaster) on bass, and Rob Oswald (ex-Nebula) on drums.  We can usually squeeze a free pair or two of tickets out of Spaceland but no guarantees this time given the short notice.  If you're interested in going, send us your name here or to thecityofdevils@gmail.com and we'll give it a shot.  Should know one way or the other by 3 pm.