Friday Night Lit

So the truth is that I wil be down at the Royal Hall this Friday getting in touch with my darker side.  But if you're looking for something a bit lighter, a bit higher, and I dare to say, a bit more fun, then you should be partying with the ROYAL HIGHNESS over at the Viper Room.  They will be joined by FIREBALL MINISTRY, YETI and HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES, who were just named to the lineup for the Roadburn Festival's Afterburner event in Tilburg, Holland.  If you're wondering how they were bestowed with that honor, it probably does not hurt that the band members all all once played in UNIDAHOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES goes on at 8 pm so get moving.  Here's what The Obelisk had to say their new album.  And this is as good time as any to also send out our congratulations to the other local bands that are playing Roadburn: ANCESTORS, BLACK MATH HORSEMAN, BRANT BJORK, FATSO JETSON, TOTIMOSHI, NIGHT HORSE, and ASTRATix for the fest appear to be sold out, but more have been intermittently released so you may have a shot.  If we can't go, our tix may be available.  I hope it doesn't come to that.