Eddie Talks

We have received a few emails and comments expressing some disappointment about the cancellations of recent shows booked and promoted by Eddie Solis.  So we went to to the man with some questions.  His responses could best be described as terse.  The unwritten message is that he wants us to look forward, not back.  Given his contributions to the scene, he deserves that much.  And to those of you who are frustrated, it is important to keep in mind that Eddie has a lot on his plate: a band, a label, and these shows.  The guy personifies D.I.Y. and that means shit is going to happen.  But nobody should forget he's a real sweet man.  And as proof of that, he has made another pair of tickets available for the upcoming BLACK COBRA show.          

We've noticed that the number of shows you are booking over at the Relax Bar has dwindled significantly over the last few months.  And we heard that some of the scheduled shows, including a recent one with Laudanum/Black Ganion, have been canceled by the bar last minute.  What is going on over there?

The owners have requested the format to be changed temporarily and the agreement is that Club My War 0))) will return to the Relax Bar in February and will continue onward for the entire year.

We follow your various methods of communication pretty closely but we never saw anything saying that the Laudanum/Black Ganion was not going to happen.  Was there a communication breakdown?

I had a discrepancy with my Relax Bar MySpace page and could not send bulletins or blogs from time to time.  All fixed now!

We also have to ask about the Nebula/Dusted Angel/Radio Moscow/Green & Wood show that was supposed to happen this past weekend.  It was originally scheduled for the Nomad Gallery on Saturday, and then we learned from you that the show wasn't happening then and there but that you had re-booked it for the Lab Cabin on Sunday.  Shortly after we got word the owner of the Lab Cabin had never talked to anyone about the show and it was ultimately canceled.  I know that a little of people (including us) were disappointed and confused.  What happened?

I was simply lied to and misled.

Those problems aside, we can all agree that your Club My ar O))) shows at the Viper Room have been great.  What do you have in store for us at that venue in the near future? 

I hope to see everybody @

Club My War 0))))
Monday December 21st 2009
Black cobra
It's casual

@ viper room 21+
Doors 7pm show starts @ 8pm
$10 advance $12 @ door