John Garcia to Perform Kyuss Set at Roadburn

We posted a couple of weeks ago about all of the SoCal bands that will playing the ROADBURN FESTIVAL set to take place next year April 15-18 in Tilburg, Holland.  Today we learn of a special addition to the lineup:   

Roadburn is beyond thrilled to announce JOHN GARCIA sings Kyuss at Roadburn Festival 2010.

RB2010 - John Garcia

As the legendary frontman of Kyuss, JOHN GARCIA really needs no further introduction, but here’s one anyway. The incredible emotional content of Kyuss is due in large part to the vocals of JOHN GARCIA. Deeply rooted in blues and baked solid by the searing desert sun, his powerful contributions to the classic Kyuss records Blues for the Red Sun, Kyuss (aka “Sky Valley”) and Circus  Leaves Town cast the mold for a legion of imitators.

Backed by a band of highly accomplished musicians, JOHN GARCIA will perform an entire set of Kyuss songs at Roadburn Festival 2010.

The question everyone is asking is who are these "highly accomplished musicians"?  The lead candidates have to be the Lalli Brothers on guitar/bass and Brant Bjork on drums because those guys will already be in Tilburg performing with their own bands.  Any other speculation is welcome.