Aaron Turner Makes Me Feel Like I've Accomplished Nothing

2009 has been a busy year for Aaron Tuner.  In addition to his usual duties as founder of Hydra Head Records, he helped open a new vinyl store in Los Angeles, he moved to Seattle, he got married, he toured in support of a new ISIS record that is all over the "Best of" lists across two continents, he joined his wife's band, and he released collaborations with longtime friends on the Hydra Head roster under the names GREYMACHINE and JODIS.  And then there's all the art.  I don't know the guy so this list probably just scrapes the surface, but you get the point.  To top it off, Mr. Turner and the rest of ISIS just returned to the west coast after finishing a European tour that included a short tun with two of my favorite bands, and CIRCLE and KEELHAUL.  It hurt not to see one of those shows.   A clip (via Aquarius Records) has emerged that has partially made up for it, showing a clearly thrilled Mika Ratto of CIRCLE doing his thing as he brings home the classic "Celestial (The Tower)" from ISIS's 2000 Celestial album.  A final collaboration to cap off an astounding year.