A Xmas Gift From Ancestors

While we are still waiting for that elusive ANCESTORS record release party, the boys dropped this note through their MySpace page:

Hey all,

We have a split 7" with Graveyard coming out sometime in the coming weeks. It will be a part of the Volcom Entertainment split 7" series. Our side of the split will have a song called Antler Wings, which is actually a pre-Neptune With Fire song that we decided to rework and release.

Anyway, in the meantime, Decibel Magazine has posted our new song online for all to hear, so go check it out! A 6-minute Ancestors song? You know you're curious.




PS: We'll also be posting the song on our myspace, but go listen to it at Decibel first because it will undoubtedly sound better there.

Their next show apppears to be opening for the reunited ST. VITUS on January 28th at a location that will almost surely not be the Key Club.  They will then play Spaceland with BLACK MATH HORSEMAN on February 19th.