Professor Bunkum's Holiday Message

Season’s greetings to the metalheads, outcasts, punks, curious and anyone who gives a fuck enough to read this blog.  As we enter this joyous season, we here at City of Devils would like to take a moment to remind you to consider the glory of organized religion and particularly the miracle of guilt.  So take a break in your busy day and remember those less fortunate that you: those depressed by their own thoughts; the suicidal homosexuals born that way; the couples in love living out of wedlock and without children; the teen girls cutting themselves because of secret abortions; the pillars of the religious community beating off to bestiality porn safely at home; the priests fucking any kid they can get their hands on; and everyone who ever thought or did something that was totally natural and felt bad about it later.  As we ponder these poor souls (loosely described as “us”), please remember that only through submission to the religious structures created by those who wish to control us can the child-fucking priests and hopeless fags and bad little girls find eternal salvation in the glory of god (12 easy monthly installments don’t hurt either).  The rest of you non-believers out there getting up everyday and trying to do the right thing without cramming your mind into this or that box can fuck off and rot in hell.  Sorry suckers – you should have gotten blown by a heroin-addicted schizophrenic tranny prostitute on the way to work and hit confession at lunch if you wanted to get ahead around here.