Vader @ Chain Reaction

At the end of last month, I went to Chain Reaction to see Polish death metal band VADER.  I took some pictures and interviewed Vogg, guitarist for VADER and also DECAPITATED.  Enjoy.

VaderHow's the Vader tour going?

It's going great.  There's about two weeks left and all the bands have been great.

How does it feel to be touring again?

Great, for me it's been the best thing. After the accident, I worked in a music store but this is what I've always dreamed about doing.

How did the tour opportunity with Vader come about?

Originally I had heard about it, but hadn't really considered doing it. Then the manager of Vader (who managed Decapitated) contacted me through email about auditioning. Having been a fan of Vader and also taking inspiration from them in Decapitated, I was interested so I called him back about it.

How did the new Decapitated lineup come together?

I first was looking for the drummer and vocalist through MySpace by message and videos. After going through lots of video, I saw some promising players and vocalists. But after I had seen Kerim and had

him come to Poland, I felt like he was the right one.  With the vocals I had been in contact with Jason Keyser from Skinless, but with him living in the US I didn't feel it would work. Then I met Rafal and he sent me a video of his vocal work.  I felt it was good but I wanted to rehearse with him. Once we rehearsed together, I knew he would be the right vocalist. Filip I had known for a while and he was actually very helpful to me in the aftermath of the accident.

Was there anytime when you considered calling in Sauron to be the vocalist again?

No, since he didn't care for touring I felt sure he wouldn't be interested.

In the beginning, did you always want to play guitar?

I first played the accordion, which I still love as an instrument, but around high school I was in a metal band and had always loved the guitar. 

For the upcoming Decapitated album, will the other members be involved in the writing process? 

I'm not sure yet.  I know I will be mainly coming up with the riffs but I'm open to ideas. I'm very open minded when it comes to the new material.

While most of the details for Decapitated’s European tour seem to be confirmed, things in North American are not settled.  What are your plans?

The first tour will be in February in the UK, and then Australian and European touring will begin in spring with North American dates in the summer.

On the upcoming Decapitated tour, will there be any new songs played?

No, there will not. We will be playing all material from the back catalog.

Any final words for the fans reading this interview? 

I want to say thanks to the fans, especially the ones who stuck by after the accident. It has really helped and I want to personally invite you all to the tours we will be doing next year, I feel great about this new lineup and believe we can continue the fire started with Vitek and Covan. I hope to see you on tour.