Eyehategod to Headline Murderfest

I was a metal DJ for a period of time when I attended Northwestern University.  I shared the gig with two girls that were far more hardcore than me, although there was one band they refused to play: Cannibal Corpse.  As women, they just couldn't do it, and to be fair, the lyrics to Addicted to Vaginal Skin should disturb most people.  Of course, that may be the point.  But there was one band we all agreed upon, and that was Eyehategod.  Their 1992 seminal release, In the Name of Suffering, got plenty of airplay by us and it was well-deserved.  Together, Eyehategod and Crowbar defined the sludge/doom sound known to metalheads as NOLA and has gone on to influence bands all over the world.  But for reasons I cannot explain to myself, I have never seen them play live.  So it was with surprise and relief that I recently learned Eyehategod is headlining The Los Angeles Murderfest, v. 5.0 at Knitting Factory on May 9-10.  It's a huge score for The Church of the 8th Day and their presence is alone worth the price of admission.  Other confirmed acts are listed here, with more to come. Tickets are not on sale but I will post when that happens.

You should also be aware that Eyehategod's first three Century Media albums (In the Name of Suffering, Take as Needed for Pain, and Dopesick) have just been given the deluxe reissue treatment, each a double LP with 4 or so bonus songs, new artwork and revised liner notes.  You can get them now from Aquarius Records, or at some point directly from the label, Emetic Records, and probably many other fine establishments.  Enjoy.