This Week in Metal (2/16)

  • MONDAYMetal Mondays @ Footsies.  Hosted by resident DJs Mark V (Stillborn Records) and Purple with guests including a combined set from Sharon Needles and Dan Dismal (Church of the 8th Day/Cult of the Horns) and Sacha from LA's Intronaut! 10pm-2am, 21 plus, no cover, free pool all night and cheap drinks!  Last week's turnout was damn impressive.

  • TUESDAY - Relapse releases new albums from Obscura (Cosmogenesis) and Tombs (Winter Hours).  Tombs will be here with Pelican and Wolves in the Throne Room at the Troubadour next month.  The Bakerton Group (a Clutch instrumental side-project) also releases their second full-length, El Rojo, that includes contributions from Opeth's keyboardist Pie Werberg.

  • WEDNESDAY - It's sold out but if you can find a way, check out the Murder City Devils reunion show featuring Coady Willis, drummer in Big Business and the Melvins.  Spin raved about their hometown show last week, and kindly included a setlist.  

  • THURSDAY - Local boys Ankla (ex-Puya) showcase potential songs for their new album of so-called "Latin Metal" at the Key Club.  They're looking for your input on the final tracklist, and any metal band that incorporates claves into the mix deserves our vote. 
  • FRIDAY - There's no better way to spend a date than at a showing of Anton Lavey's artwork at Art & Mayhem Gallery.  If you need a litmus test to find out how classy that girl really is, here's your opportunity.

  • SATURDAY - A couple of great shows are vying for my attention, but simply given the rarity of their west coast appearances, I'm going to check out Grails with James Blackshaw at Spaceland.  Grails's Doomsdayer Holiday was one of my favorites last year, and although some may dispute whether their instrumental sound is metal, their dark psychedelia is a beautiful thing.  They move on to Roadburn and ATP when this mini-tour is complete.  Blackshaw's 12-string opuses may be even darker and he has found a home for an upcoming 2009 release on Michael Gira's (Swans/Angels of Light) label, Young God Records.  The other solid option is Kaleidomagorics IV at Mountain Bar in Chinatown, with performances by Ancestors, Astra, and Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound.  Having missed the first three, I can't be sure what this is all about, but it appears to a coming together of art and music in a tribute to Gentle Giant's prog masterpeice, Octopus.  Either way, you cannot go wrong.