This Week in Metal (2/2)

This is a pretty good week to be a metal fan in Los Angeles:

  • TUESDAY - Meshuggah, the Swedish masters of insane time signatures and 8-string guitars, return to the sonically friendly and fan unfriendly House of Blues with Florida progressives Cynic.  Here are some pics from last night's show in Anaheim.  
  • WEDNESDAY - Scion, oddly the official car of metal, presents another free show at the Knitting Factory with Pig Destroyer.  To get in, you must RSVP here and be aware that entry is not guaranteed so get there early.    

  • THURSDAY - There are two great shows tonight.  First, you have Intronaut, Black Math Horsemen, Giant Squid and 16 at Knitting Factory.  Second, the Freeks (featuring Isiah Mitchell of Earthless and Ruben Romano, formerly of Nebula) are playing what I believe is their first show ever in LA at Spaceland, along with Sasquatch and Brad Davis of Fu Manchu.  The San Diego CityBeat tells their story.       
  • FRIDAY - I'm taking the night off. 
  • SATURDAY - You've got a few options.  There's the closing party for the Kevin Rumanis art exhibit, "Snake Behind My Eyes."  There's the final thrash show at the Black Castle, headlined by Merciless Death and Fueled by Fire, apparently because the youth of today cannot control their tendency for ultraviolence.  Non-thrash metal shows will continue on at the Castle pending repairs.  And It's Casual is joined by Biblical Proof of UFOs at the Relax Bar.

Rock on.