For a while now, I have been hoping and predicting that downtown LA will emerge as ground zero for the extreme music scene.  It makes sense.  An east-side location with plenty of space, mostly young inhabitants, and falling rents.  The main impediment seems to be permitting and/or police enforcement of bullshit ordinances, but in this economy, governments will have less resources to devote to all that.  The recession in the 80s was good for metal.  Maybe there's a similar opportunity today.  When Safari Sam's closed down in Hollywood, they moved to the Regent Theater downtown, and there seems to be little question that was a total failure.  i think that outcome, however, says more about the management of Safari Sam's (that name alone sealed its fate), than the prospects for metal downtown.  This week, we got news of two intriguing events set to happen downtown over the next few weeks.  

First, Hellfire Red Rock Art & Photography in association with Club LSD is presenting:

"Blazed & Confused" -- A Celebration Of Heavy Music
Saturday February 28th
Silver Factory Studios
915 Mateo Street
Los Angeles, California 90021

Admission: $8, 21 & Over

  • 9 PM - a screening of the stoner rock documentary "Such Hawks, Such Hounds", featuring music and interviews from Brant Bjork, Acid King, High On Fire, Om, Dead Meadow, Scott Reeder, Wino and many more.
  • 10 PM - Hallowed Engine (featuring members from Sasquatch, Volume & Dirty Red)
  • 11 PM - Ride The Sun (psychedelic desert rock from San Diego)
  • 12 AM - Gusto (featuring Alfredo Hernandez (formerly of Kyuss & QOTSA), Mike Neider (from
    the legendary SST band Blast) and Dave Dinsmore (ex-Che))

Come out and join Hellfire, a collective of artists, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers, as they attempt "to mark the advent of a heavy rock movement in Southern California."  I like that ambition.

Second, OVRCAST Events sent out the following teaser while promoting tonight's free Kaleidomagorics IV event at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown with Ancestors, Astra, and Jesus Makes a Shotgun Sound:

Also, sat March 7th Black Cobra-Eternal Elysium-Moab and a super rad headliner at a sweet new downtown location

That lineup without a headliner is enough for me.  Stay tuned for more.