This Week In Metal (2/23)

So this is definitely late, but all the fun happens on the weekend this time around.  

  • YESTERDAY - Tuesday saw the release of new records by two God bands that have emerged from the underground.  I took a listen to LAMB OF GOD's new one today, Wrath, and while well-played and technically sound, their production is still too clean for me, and I walked away unaffected.  It's like they made a deliberate effort to ensure the listener could make out all of the lyrics, and I'm not sure why.  Metal guys shouldn't enunciate.  GOD FORBID's Earthsblood got some big love from Metal Sucks.  These bands play together at the Palladium on April 3rd with CHILDREN OF BODOM and MUNICIPAL WASTE
  • THURSDAY - If you haven't seen Anton's work yet, here's your chance.  
  • FRIDAY - The Grind Your Mind Tour comes to the Black Castle with EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT, LECHEROUS NOCTURNE, and SOL ASUNDER.  If you find yourself feeling the urge for something more melodic, head to the Knitting Factory for GOBLIN COCK (Rob Crow of Pinback) and WARSHIP (ex-Autumn for Ashes).  Sure, Rob plays under the name Lord Phallus, but he's surely on more solid ground than Joaquin Phoenix when he says this project is no joke.  In their words, "For fans of: Manowar, Venom, Thor, South Pacific, Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, MC5, The Osmond Brothers, Earth, and Pinback."       

  • SATURDAY - I strongly suggest checking out the Blazed and Confused event at the Silver Factory Studios downtown starting at 9 pm.  A movie and three bands, all for $8.  
  • SUNDAY - This might be the night to check out Metalcinful Sundays, this week taking place at Fredo's Grill at 2817 Beverly Blvd.  WARNING - It may be a fetish event.  I just don't know.      

And a mid-week sampler treat from Tee Pee Records - you can stream or download.