Metal Mondays

My local bar is Footsies at 26th and Figueroa in the Cypress Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.  It's a great little spot with an inviting selection of bourbons and a genuinely friendly staff.  When it first opened, the jukebox was the main draw.  But that jukebox was replaced by another that is somewhat disappointing.  And recently DJs have been trying to pick up the slack, but the results have been uneven, to say the least.  Sometimes the music can be simply unbearable.  So it was a good day this week when I learned that Monday nights at Footsies are now dedicated to metal.  It's been a long time coming.  I've heard there is a Slayer night on occasion over at the Hyperion Tavern, but we deserve more.  

It's not just LA that fails to offer drinking establishments that cater to us metalheads.  When I lived in Manhattan, I had to go a gay bar to get my Black Sabbath fix.  Austin is an exception.  Even the pizza joint there blasts it.  So I implore you to help make sure metal keeps this new home in our city, and support Mark Vieira and his guests as they play selections from all different genres and using all different formats.  Maybe he'll give you a spot.

To get to Footsies from points west, take the Figueroa exit off the 110 N, take a right off the exit, and the bar's about 2 blocks down on the right.  There's a free lot out back and usually ample street parking on Mondays.  A bonus is the close proximity of El Atacor #11, with its renowned potato tacos and other fine fare. 

See you there.