• TROUBLE's live CD from its rare stop here last year is available for sale.  It's a chance for those of who us didn't make to hear how bad we fucked up.  That show was supposed to be at Safari Sam's but ended up elsewhere.  I just can't remember what elsewhere is.  (Heavy Planet)
  • One of my more rewarding finds of last year was Brooklyn's WHITE HILLS from Brooklyn.  Another completely solid pick by Aquarius.  As far as I can tell, Dave, the main guy, was basically running the whole thing out of his place.  One of those deals where the CD definitely was sent by him.  So it's reaffirming that THRILL JOCKEY signed them up, making their shit finally readily available to the masses that read Pitchfork.  But I'm not worried about Dave - he's going to do his thing.  WHITE HILLS will be on the roads of Europe with FARFLUNG.  THe Italians will lose it.  And Thrill Jockey - PONTIAK, then WHITE HILLS.  I wonder who is responsible for this.
  • The final lineup for Thrasho De Mayo IV, May 1st @ the Knitting Fatory, has been announced with German thrashers EXUMER as headliners.  They are sure to bring that vintage 80s sound because they haven't released anything since then. (SMN)
  • An interview with Ian Barry of BLACK MATH HORSEMAN by a intriguing new blog called The Obelisk.  I caught them for the first time last week at the Blue Monkey and was quite pleased that I did.  There's a lot of potential here.  Danny Carey of TOOL was in attendance.  I'm looking forward to seeing an audience at SXSW take them in.  (The Obelisk)