Big Business Give Us the Details

Coady Willis just came through town with his old band, Murder City Devils, and played two sold-out shows at the Fonda in front of some of the most drunken, raucous fans I’ve ever seen at a midweek show in LA.  Where the fuck did these people come from?  They certainly weren’t around in the heyday of that band.  And while Murder City Devils is a good time, they’re far from great, and judging by their expressions on stage, the band knows it.  In a world that made sense, Coady’s cohort Jared Warren should now reform KARP and sell out the Forum (a tragedy has made that dream an impossibility).  Now that was a bad-ass band.  I don’t even think the Melvins could do two nights at the Fonda.  Go ahead – prove me wrong.  But I should be celebrating any unexpected enthusiasm from LA music fans, and hopefully some of that new-found love for Coady’s work will transfer over to BIG BUSINESS, a band that deserves for more appreciation from this city.  They just released the artwork and track listing for their new album, Mind the Drift, due out on vinyl from Hydra Head Records on March 31st, and all other formats in April.

Mind The Drift
1. Found Art
2. Gold and Final
3. Cats, Mice
4. I Got It Online
5. The Drift
6. The Ayes Have It
7. Cold Lunch
8. Theme From Big Business II

Produced by the inimitable Phil Ek, who also produced both of their previous albums, this is the first Big Business album with now official third member, guitarist Toshi Kasai. 

The band has also made the new song, "Gold and Final," available for download on No tour dates yet, but when that happens, you can follow it all with Coady.