Vacation Vinyl is Open

In a time when businesses all over seem to be closing, LA has a new vinyl store.  I love Amoeba, but music is not a natural monopoly, especially on the fringes.  Maybe Vacation Vinyl will be our Aquarius Records.  That would be a good thing.  The store was founded by Silverlake comic shop Secret Headquarters co-owners David Ritchie and David Pifer, Hydra Head Records co-founders Aaron Turner and Mark Thompson, and store manager, buyer, and Amoeba Records alum Peter Majors.  A friend who shopped there over the weekend said that although the collection is not exclusively metal, it all makes sense to a metalhead.  And apparently customers will get some say in defining what is available for sale.  So bring your ideas and a few bucks, and let's make sure this place sticks around for a while.  

A plea to those bands/labels that put out records - give us digital download codes.  We know the technology exists, and that our world demands portability.  So make it easy on those of us who want to support physical products (and the artists/photographers/liner notes that go along with all that), but also want to take the music on our drives through the desert.  I've studied a bit of econ - the marginal cost should be right around zero, and the added value will positively shift the demand curve.  If you're a rational businessperson, that's all you need to know.