Acid Mothers Temple is Experimental

Here's some pictures from last week's show at the Echoplex, courtesy of Professor Bunkum.  I thought it was pretty great.  Not mind-blowing, but a good night.  One of the uninitiated said it reminded him of a mix of Iron Butterfly and Flipper.  This was not supposed to be a compliment.  The lineup was the core 4 of the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.  The Professor wanted more guitar, less keyboards.  But you can't have wants when it comes to ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE.  You must free yourself of all expectations.  Don't ask me for the setlist, although it wasn't one of their heavier performances.  That's why I tend to be more of a Cosmic Inferno guy - they're a bit more reliably heavy.  But I walked out of there with a couple of CDs.  The Japanese remastered version of their classic,  In C, and the super heavy Recurring Dream and Apocalypse of Darkness.  ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE is all about the merch.  Tons of it and lots of variety, with at least 30 recordings on display, and an insatiable desire to sell.  There's really no band better at the sale.