Black Math Horseman Record Release Party @ Silverlake Lounge

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) brings the record release party for BLACK MATH HORSEMAN's Wyllt.  I've been pushing them pretty hard here, and I certainly am intrigued by their sound and what could be.  More spacey than you might expect from the name, you just want to close your eyes until your float away, and then you find yourself being reminded that gravity is indeed a brutal force.  It's the kind of music that I wish was being played out in the desert at Coachella this past weekend.  And it's no surprise that it was recorded out that way with Scott Reeder of KYUSS fame at the helm.  If not tomorrow, find a night to check them out.  They're signed to Tee Pee, and it's not long before thay re no longer our little secret.  They'll be joined by THE COPPERTHIEF and DESTROY JUDAS, and I'm sure there will both CD and LP versions of the new album for sale.