The Remodeling of the Black Castle

The Black Castle is in South Central and is a home to the extreme black metal scene.  If I can read your logo, you probably cannot play there.  Earlier this year, the venue announced it would be no longer letting thrash bands put on shows because their fans were being punks and pissing where they lived.  Recently, the Black Castle shared some more uplifting news:

New- larger, enclosed, backstage to be built and finished 2010
The Stage will be extended another 15 feet built and finished 2010
The bathrooms will be childproof 2010

after these changes take effect the lighting and sound will be centralized to give the place more of an arena feel

If I have enough cash Ill build a second room with stage late 2010 for the smaller shows that attract from 30-100 people, the place looks extremely empty with that amount in the front stage, being the capacity is five hundred

The future looks bright.  Or maybe just black.