Opeth - Avalon Set List (5/16)

OPETH delivered a nearly two hour set of their trademark prog/death metal to their loyal following last night at the Avalon.  At their Wiltern show last fall, they promised to return this year to more properly support their latest and most successful U.S. release, Watershed.  Although they gave us three songs from that album, they played just as many from albums put out last decade.  Nobody was complaining.  

  • Heir Apparent  (Watershed)
  • Ghost of Perdition (Ghost Reveries)
  • Godhead’s Lament (Still Life)
  • Wreath (Deliverance)
  • Credence (My Arms, Your Hearse)
  • Hessian Peel (Watershed)
  • Closure (Damnation)
  • The Night and the Silent Water
  • The Lotus Eater (Watershed)


  • Demon of the Fall (My Arms, Your Hearse)