Isis On-Sale @ 10 AM Saturday, May 2nd

Tickets for the ISIS show at the Henry Fonda Theater on June 24 go on-sale at 10 AM tomorrow.  They will be joined by MAMIFFER and HELMS ALEE, two relatively new Seattle bands on Hydra Head that further prove that there is no such thing as a Hydra Head sound.  In fact, diversity is becoming that label's hallmark.  But there is coherency as well, with label founder and ISIS front man Aaron Turner playing a contributing role on MAMIFFER's last release,  There's nothing harsh about MAMIFFER's musicits introspective with the piano as the base instrument, along with strings, drums and an accompanying drone.  HELMS ALEE, on the other hand, is more dynamic, more loud, and a power trio that may be a lost band from the 90s Amphetamine Reptile roster.  I find it to be no coincidence that just a few weeks ago I pleaded with Mark Thompson of Hydra Head to bring HELMS ALEE down here for a gig.  Thanks for listening.

Isis in Downtown LA