• A stream of FARFLUNG's set from Roadburn.  And check the calendar for their July 4th show with Ancestors et al. 
  • Not so local but newsworthy nonetheless - YOB has completed work on its new album due out July 14th entitled The Great Cessation and posted an MP3 that is everything I wanted it to be.  Now they must return to LA.  (Profound Lore)
  • We still have a pair of tix to see THE MEATMEN on Friday at Relax Bar.  For all you diehards, frontman Tesco Vee's bobblehead is here.
  • CLUTCH is coming to LA with Baroness on July 21st - go here to lsiten to some new tracks from Strange Cousins From The West.  (Metal Insider)
  • Local boys INTRONAUT have been gone for a long time playing rock stars with Mastodon and Kylesa, so if you miss them like I do, check out this interview from one of my favorite cities, Montreal.  I hope they stopped by Wanda's.  (Blabbermouth)
  • One result of Intronaut's absence is that my guitar plaing has gone to shit.  But help has arrived in the form of Bob Balch's (Fu Manchu) website,, with lots of video lessons and guest instructors from the likes of Torche, Exodus, Three Inches of Blood, Pelican and many more.
  • On Sunday, May 31st, a double feature of Brutal Cinema with a live performance by DOLEMITE PROJECT at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood.  How can you go wrong with Goregasm and Black Devil Doll - He's a Muthafuckin' Puppet!?