NY Times Reviews Wavering Radiant

I've been pimping the new ISIS record, Wavering Radiant, pretty hard.  To be clear, I am not being unduly influenced.  I paid for the pre-order like most everyone else.  I'm just a fan and they're local, so that fully meets the criteria for this site.  As I paged through the liberal musings of the Times this morning, attempting to comprehend the fall of Lehman Brothers, the dichotomy of Pakistan, and the arrival of the new Green Day album, I noticed Isis also got a mention.  In the words of Nate Chinen:    

The output of Isis, a Los Angeles band often filed under the subcategory of post-metal, upholds a deliberative truce between brute physicality and moody rumination. “Wavering Radiant” (Ipecac), the group’s impressive new album, satisfies both sides in a way that suggests a balance of prior achievements: it’s less punishing than “Panopticon,” from 2004, and less ponderous than “In the Absence of Truth,” from 2006. So there are ominous, wet-cement riffs by the bassist Jeff Caxide and smartly pummeling beats from the drummer Aaron Harris, but also keyboard drones and open space. As lead vocalist, Aaron Turner expertly alternates between a death-metal roar and a more human wail, using whichever better suits the needs of a song. (On “Hand of the Host” his shift from one timbre to the other registers as transfiguration, like Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk.) Some of this album’s success can be credited to the producer Joe Barresi, a new partner for Isis. But the band is obviously the keeper of its own sound, now as ever, and maybe more so.

For those who did not pre-order, you can buy the album Tuesday.  The clear vinyl version of the double LP is exclusively available at Vacation Records (4679 Hollywood Blvd, 323.666.2111).  You may want to call to confirm inventory remains.