Jah Metal

Just returned from the lovely island state of Jamaica.  I thought I would keep writing down there but was convinced otherwise by Hunter S. Thompson's The Rum Diary

One story more or less on a sloppy paper like this doesn't make much difference. 

My search for the Jamaican metal scene was basically a failure (not even one Maiden shirt spotting), though I might have had more success if I spent some time in Kingston.  Next time.  But on the north shore, the dub was plentiful, and I had no complaints.  Back home, the time has come once again for a whole lot of guitar.  And as I transition back to the darkness, my first show will be fairly mellow, psychedelic and free, tomorrow night at the Blue Monkey (5521 Hollywood Blvd):

  • PONTIAK 1030PM TO 11PM
  • MAGIC LANTERN 945PM TO 1015PM   

Magic Lantern is giving me hope that Spacemen 3 has been somehow reborn in Long Beach.  There's nothing necessarily wrong with the BIG BUSINESS show at the Troubadour (indeed I spent much of last week quite pleased by their development on the new album), but I can only go to West Hollywood once a week, and that will be on Tuesday for Blackened Fest, headlined by MAYHEM, along with Marduk, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation and Withered.  This is Attila's first U.S. tour with Mayhem, and as I understand it, the rest of the lineup consists of Blasphemer, Necrobutcher, and Hellhammer, which makes an evening in the House of Blues bearable.  I may actually have an opportunity to sit down with MARDUK before the show, but this news came out over the weekend:

The situation with MARDUK not having performed during the first week of Blackenedfest is due to vocalist Mortuus not having received his visa yet. Note, it is not a "denied" visa. The band filed for a P-1 non-immigrant work visa, which is required for a band to play in the states. The visa was approved by the United States Government's Homeland Security Office. Furthermore, as required, the band members each individually went to their Visa appointments at the US Embassy in Stockholm for the standard interview, at which point the persons handling the band's applications informed the band that there was no further action needed and that they should expect their passports in the mail with the P-1 visa attached. Everyone in the band received theirs except Mortuus. The day before tour, while the rest of the band were at the airport awaiting to board their flights to the US, Mortuus returned to the embassy to inquire as to the location of his passport. At this point, he was informed that he was missing one document in order to finalize the visa. No one in the band, nor the label, was made aware of this missing form. After we were made aware of this missing document, we provided the document to the Embassy in Stockholm and we are currently awaiting each day for the Passport to be returned to Mortuus with the visa stamp. The Embassy is aware of the urgency of this matter and we expect the band to join the tour in progress any day now.  We are hope to announce the arrival of the band soon.  

That announcement has yet to be made.  As someone who just spent an unfortunately long time with Customs for allegedly having a fake photo, I can kind of relate.