Saturday @ Mountain Bar

Ovrcast presents another free show on Saturday, June 20th, at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown. The original lineup I heard included LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, but the current lineup is:

GORT 9pm

The set times are rumor, and considering the history of shows at the Mountain Bar, probably a bit too early. We have covered IT's CASUAL and DARK CASTLE, and talked about our recently satsified desire to experience GORT, but if you're like us, the question is who the hell is HOLY GRAIL? The LA Weekly recently provided some answers.  Here are a few excerpts from that article:

By the time we meet again, the band has signed with Prosthetic Records (Lamb of God, All That Remains), which will be releasing its debut EP this summer. It’ll feature two original songs plus two Judas Priest covers. And, in true metal tradition, the band has already undergone a name change, from Sorcerer to Holy Grail. (Apparently, there were a few too many Sorcerers in the kitchen — a 1970s band and an electronica DJ, both of whom, as one band member put it, were refusing to “pass on the scepter.” Not that Holy Grail is much of an improvement, judging by MySpace.)

Despite its meticulously wrought Megadeth-meets–Early Man aesthetic, Holy Grail — unlike the farcical Metal Skool or some posturing Brooklyn speed-metalists — is 100 percent nonironic about its shredding. More accessible than modern-day metal purists (like Helvetets Port, Cauldron and White Wizzard, for example), it’s not solely trying to champion the old metal ways; like Bill and Ted, these young sorcerers come “from the past and the future,” says Luna, adding that “heavy metal is shunned by people who don’t listen to metal. People who think heavy metal is dead are dead.” LaRue’s two cents: “As much as the dinosaurs exist today as birds, classical music exists today as metal. It will never die.”

 Let's hope they're right.