Earthless: In Support of Dinosaur Jr

EARTHLESS from San Diego will be in town Monday to open for Dinosaur Jr. at the Troubadour.  It's close to a sell-out so get on it if you want to be there.  I think there's a misperception these guys are hippies masquerading as a metal band.  If Hawkwind are a hippie jam band, then those people are right.   All I can say is don't draw conclusions until you see them live.  Sure, they're set is typically one piece of uninterrupted music, but it's loud, heavy, mesmerizing and as intense of a live experience as I have ever had.  You go for a ride.  For those acid heads out there, you'll want to be with them at the top.  They're 2008 performance at Roadburn properly introduced them to the world - the recording is one of the best live albums in recent times.  And as J. Mascis's affection suggests, EARTHLESS is a band's band.  The collective musicianship is unparalled.  The nice thing about this show is the venue.  EARTHLESS are no strangers to LA.  They frequently play shows here with no cover, like Mountain Bar and downtown warehouses, but with that usually comes a PA that doesn't do them justice.  There's no such problem at the Troubadour.  And, oh yeah, they're skaters too.  Check out these sweet shoes:      

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