Black Skies on Monday with an Offshore Flow

I usually spend Monday nights at Footsies, but this week I might head to Glendale first to check out BLACK SKIES at The Scene. Visiting us all the way from Chapel Hill, NC, they are touring on in support of their latest EP, Hexagon, just issued as a limited edition 12" via I'm Better Than Everyone Records. This marks the band’s first time ever playing on the West Coast.

I have not heard the EP yet, but Stoner Rock has nice things to say:

"The three-piece shares a sonic similarity with head crushers High on Fire and the straightforward version of the Melvins – think a fuck it all with fucking no regrets aural assault that leans into you with a series of endless grooves...they certainly turned my head with this EP. "

-John Pegoraro,

Sounds like a Monday night well spent.