Help Dylan Roche and his Family

  • City of Devils has donated to help Dylan Roche (bassist for Brant Bjork's Bros), his wife and 1 yr old daughter pay the substantial costs associated with his recenrtly diagnosed brain tumor.  If you send evidence that you donated to, we will match your donations up to $1000. (LowDesertPunk
  • Why is Ozzy destroying himself? (SMN) By the Way, the new HEAVEN AND HELL album is legitimately good.  I finally have a reason to experience The Greek this year.
  • Stream the new KHANATE and XASTHUR records.  Music for lovers.  Try listening to both at the same time.        
  • Some people think Attila makes SUNNO)))) a pop band.  The Obelisk sees it differently.  
  • INTRONAUT shows us what it was like to see North America with Mastodon. (MetalSucks)
  • Sorry for the old data, but WARBRINGER's Waking Into Nightmares did 2,000 in its first week.  That's apparently good.  Their debut was one of the nicest surprises of last year.  I need to check this out. Warbringer is also at the Whisky tomorrow.(Blabbermouth)
  • UNEARTH visits the House of Blues with TESTAMENT on Thursday.  I don't like that place.  Here's an interview with Unearth vocalist Trevor Phipps.  (Blabbermouth).    
  • And finally, OM has announced that their new album (and first with Emil Amos), recorded by Steve Albini and entitled God is Good, will be released on 9/8/09.  It is expected to be a direct response to SLAYER's God Hates Us All, which first saw the light on that fateful morning of 9/11/01, and a sign that the war on terrorism has come to an end.  All hail Om.  And Al's comp just arrived.
  • One more.  There is no link for this.  KILLDOZER will be opening for THE JESUS LIZARD at its October 15th Fonda Show.  There goes my plan to grow up this year.  I'm making an early plea for "That Pig Was Cool".