Tee Pee Sale

Tee Pee Records has launched a brand new webstore and is celebrating by pricing all CD's on sale for $6.99 and all Vinyl is $9.99. This deal will last for two weeks only.  That is a sweet deal.  

Tee pee artists GRAVEYARD and NIGHT HORSE played over the weekend at the Bootleg Lounge on Beverly. Booked by Scott Fold, I must say I enjoyed myself.  Definitely cozy and way loud, there was a good vibe, even though no whisky can be sold.  NIGHT HORSE seemed to be missing Justin Maranga.  While the rest no doubt have much talent, he takes them a different level.  GRAVEYARD was simply as good as I remembered them at the 2008 SXSW.  That's an LP worth picking up.  The lighting in the place was pretty limited, so I gave up (like usual) on taking pics.  But I saw a guy grabbing video up from and I think I have foiund it.  The lighting was a problem for him too, but you'll still feel what you missed.