Not to Entertain, But to Annihilate

by Bruno GuerrieroA while ago Professor Bunkum previewed THE MEATMEN show at the Relax Bar, and he made it clear that frontman Tesco Vee is one of his heros. Soon after we learned that someone is selling a Tesco Vee bobblehead, or as the maker Aggronautix likes to call it, a throbblehead. It left me speechless. The name change is a strong hint that this is not cool. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry, and I purposely avoided this sensitive subject with the already jaded Professor. But ultimately I convinced myself everything was OK because at least Mr. Vee was in on the joke. His doll has Abba pants and clogs, for fuck's sake. But despite all of that contemplation, I neglected to consider his counterpart bobblehead, that of one GG Allin. He's dead. He can't be in on it. And probably some relative made the call. What would GG Allin think? The good news is that we don't have to spend more time thinking about this shit. The boys at Decibel have done that work for us, and far better than we ever would have:

May 14, 2009: “Rock n’ roll collectibles” company Aggronautix announces plans to release a limited-edition GG Allin bobblehead doll. Two weeks later, one of the fuckers arrives at Decibel’s L.A. Bureau and starts talking to us. In English, no less. It doesn’t even have a pull string or anything like that. One night, we started talking back with the tape recorder running. A transcript follows:

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