Porcupine Tree Ticket Giveaway

Attention all ye prog rockers. We have two pairs of tix to give awy to see PORCUPINE TREE at Club Nokia on Saturday, September 19th. These are not just any tix. We've got the VIP kind. 

Click poster to buy tixPORCUPINE TREE is streaming a medley of excerpts from its new album, The Incident, set to be released the Tuesday before the show. Check out this video interview with Steven Wilson about the release. As usual, they will play The Incident in its entirety live, and its quite a track list (below the jump) with the first 14 tracks consituting a single 55 minute piece.  Take that, Mars Volta.  If you want a shot at the tix, contact us here or by email at thecityofdevils@gmail.com, and tickets can be purchased by clicking on the poster.  You can help your cause by telling us your favorite character from Dickens' Great Expectations.  If its Pip, you definitely lose.      

1. Occam's Razor 1:55 
2. The Blind House 5:47
3. Great Expectations 1:26
4. Kneel and Disconnect 2:03
5. Drawing the Line 4:43
6. The Incident 5:20
7. Your Unpleasant Family 1:48
8. The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train 2:00
9. Time Flies 11:40
10. Degree Zero of Liberty 1:45
11. Octane Twisted 5:03
12. The Séance 2:39
13. Circle of Manias 2:18
14. I Drive the Hearse 6:41

1. Flicker
2. Bonnie The Cat
3. Black Dahlia
4. Remember Me Lover

1. Occam’s Razor 2. The Blind House 3. Great Expectations 4. Kneel And Disconnect 5. Drawing The Line 6. The Incident 7. Your Unpleasant Family 8. The Yellow Windows Of The Evening Train 9. Time Flies 10. Degree Zero Of Liberty 11. Octane Twisted 12. The Séance 13. Circle Of Manias 14. Drive The Hearse 15. Flicker 16. Bonnie The Cat 17. Black Dahlia 18. Remember Me Lover