Friday Night on the Strip with the Chelsea Girls

Chelsea Girls w/ Lemmy (by Mark Mazzanti)Friday night I'll be at the Roxy checking out the CHELSEA GIRLS. I admit some trepidation. When I think metal, it usually consists of a bunch of guys with faces and voices no prettier than mine. I like it ugly. But there's nothing ugly about the CHELSEA GIRLS. They are an 80s metal cover band fronted by a former Playboy model named Tuesdae that used to DJ topless and has a classically-trained voice. This allows her to pull off Priest, Heart, Dio, Maiden, and those notes that Vince Neil never could sing in style. And she is backed by a damn good band: drummer Samantha Maloney (Hole, Motley Crue, and Peaches); bassist and founder Corey Parks (Nashville Pussy); and guitarist Allison Robertson (the Donnas). It's enough for Lemmy to be a fan, and to give them the opening slot at MOTORHEAD's recently announced October show at Club Nokia.  We all know Lemmy has a weakness for the ladies, but I'm in no position to question his taste without experiencing it myself.  Even better, Tuesdae started out singing Misfits covers and talks a big game:

Indie rock is the glorification of mediocrity.  I battle mediocrity every day of my life.

I like the confidence.  So join me Friday night on the Strip and let's see what this is all about.  Special guests are expected.  Worst case we'll leave with satsified eyes, and be even more prepared to see WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, MINSK, INTRONAUT and IT'S CASUAL destroy the Knitting Factory on Sunday night.