Change the Ambient Noise

This is definitely off-topic.  Obama was the first major party presidential candidate I have ever voted for.  I even donated some money.  I thought he would shake some shit up.  His inexperience a virtue.  I wanted some of that change.  But I knew the people weren't looking for the same thing.  They didn't want division.  They wanted a president they could be proud of and a good vibe.  That's it.  They thought he would come in and settle down the wars and save the economy.  That's it, and we would be able to relax.  But he had different plans.  He wanted to fuck with a system.  And his decision to go after health care has convinced me that his only way to success is as a one-term president.  You can't half-ass health care reform.  Ask W.  It requires a whole new look.  But accomplishing a makeover will not happen without blood.  Our society loves drama and treasurs reality shows that ultimately result in relationships breaking down.  It can get nasty, and we eat it up.  We say no to partisanship, but without it, what would we yell at the TV about?  Our elected officials are consumed with re-election, forcing them to look back for approval when they simply need to lead.  We can't lead ourselves.  California's ballot intiatives prove that direct democracy does not work.  But neither can our elected representatives.  A re-election mindset abhors risks and is focused on money, neither conducive to leadership.  Obama said that he would be OK as a one-term president if he went down over health care or energy policy.  So be it.  Throw out the pragmatism and tell us exactly what you think needs to be done, and who is stopping it from happening. Reveal the reasons for failure and the people responsible for them, even if they are in your own party.  And remember, you're not getting re-elected so you don't need them.  You are free.  And freedom is hope.

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