Spinning Plates

A few lesser known albums that I have been spending quite a lot of time with:

  • SLOUGH FEG, Ape Uprising - The comparisons to Maiden and other NWOBHM bands are fair, but this album sounds completely original to me.  I have to think these guys have a good time making music.  I've been urging Ovrcast to bring them down from San Fran for a show, and I can report that there is hope.    
  • BLACK HELL, How the Rest Was Won - Most of the bands that incorporate progessive elements into their sludge are emerging from the Southeast.  Black Hell, out of Phoenix, is a bit closer to home.  I need to know if these guys can pull this shit off live.       
  • CAVE, Psychic Summer - The Chicago psych scene is on, and Cave is one of its leaders.  These guys (ex-Warhammer 48k) came through LA at the end of May when I was out of the country.  It would have hurt more if this album had already been released. 
  • UNHOLY, New Life Behind Closed Eyes - This album comes in handy after I waste time observing our nation debate public policy.  These guys release all the anger for me.     
  • THE HEADS, Tilburg - I owe Julian Cope for this one.  Another great live performance from Roadburn.  So great that on one night it inspired me to finally make travel plans to attend that festival next year.