The Scion Show with Torche & Big Business

A pretty great show all and all, highlighted by the play of two outstading drummers.  The crowd was lined up early all the way out to Hollywood Blvd, and we were later joined by members of ISIS, BLACK MATH HORSEMAN, and IT'S CASUAL.  This was my first time seeing TORCHE as a three-piece.  There were times when I was looking for that second guitar to fill in some space, but the band was having such a good time, you can nderstand why they wouldn't want to mess with that chemistry.  BIG BUSINESS finished with a new tune (I think - see setlist below), and really hit their groove with songs off the new album.  The "Gold and Final" and "Cats, Mice" combo was lethal. Thanks to oldhcdude for the pictures.    


Big Biz setlist (by oldhcdude)

Coady Willis (by oldhcdude)Toshai Kasai (by oldhcdude)Big Business (by oldhcdude)


Jonathan Nunez (by oldhcdude)

Rick Smith (by oldhcdude)Steve Brooks (by oldhcdude)

Torche (by oldhcdude)