Saturday Night Posters

We like sharing posters because behind great music usually lies great artists.  One of the benefits of the vinyl resurgence is that the work of music artists and photographers has regained its prominence just when the digital age threatened its extinction.  For that, we are thankful.  Saturday night brings us three very heavy but very different shows.  Any one of them would be a good night.  But because the show at the JMC Club (previously unknown to us) starts at 5, you could actually pull off a doubleheader.  We're most excited about catching DUSTED ANGEL, featuring Clifford Dinsmore of Bl'ast and Garantula.  The Obelisk talked to Clifford while they were recording their debut with the legendary Billy Anderson, and then reviewed their 7" that I'm hoping will be available at the show. If you miss them Saturday, they're sticking around for another one at the R Bar on Sunday.