Rusty Eye @ The Whisky Tonight!

Full disclosure - I've never stepped a foot inside the Whisky.  The way they do business rubs me the wrong way.  But if I was to go, checking out Mexico City expats RUSTY EYE would be a perfect excuse.  This Hollywood three-piece clearly prides themselves on working hard and being professional.  As someone who promotes music for free, it's always nice when a band helps me help them.  Check out their killer website and MySpace page.  The multi-camera live performance video of their new album, Possessor, has to impress you.  I'm not sure where they get the money, but it's not from a label.  This shit is all self-released.  As for the music, it's basically a big stew of metal genres (from prog to thrash to black and more - it's in there) inspired by horror movie themes.  They even worked with Italian film composer Claudio Simonetti.  And while the band seems to pride themselves on defying labels, there is something to be said for cohesion.  On Possessor, drummer/vocalist Miss Randall tries to keep it all together with her quick yet high-heeled feet and strangely clean vocals which contrast sometimes jarringly with the growls of bassist Mr. Rust.  But putting all the the promoting and collaborating aside, metal fans stil have one question:  can you pull it off live?  If you cannot find out tonight (they open for MELDRUM featuring Gene Hoglan of Strapping Young Lad/Death/Dethklok), you'll get another opportunity September 26th at the Knitting Factory.