Karnivool Ticket Giveaway

We have a pair of tickets to give away for the KARNIVOOL show next Tuesday at Knitting Factory with OPUS DAI.  Hailing from Perth, Australia, this show is just one of two in the United States before KARNIVOOL heads over to the United Kingdom for an extended tour.  The group started off doing Nirvana and Carcass covers, then unfortunately picked up the nu-metal tag, and now with the addition of some new members have moved firmly into prog rock territory.  Listening to their tunes on MySpace immediately conjured up thoughts of TOOL.  Apparently this band is super-tight (as any good progressive band must be) and the vocalist and only original member, Ian Kelly, is thought of as one of the best Down Under.      

KARNIVOOL just made available their Set The Fire To The Hive EP digitally yesterday, and Sony will be releasing KARNIVOOL’s new full-length, Sound Awake in February 2010.  Early reviews of Sound Awake, which has already gone gold in Australia, are pretty encouraging.  From Blistering:

The opening track “Simple Boy” is a huge bass driven number that seems to primarily demonstrate the different textures and atmospheres the band are able to create. But in saying that, Kenny is able to mould in a hypnotic chorus that lies beneath the heavily layered progressive instrumentation. The mid-paced “Goliath” is a huge towering effort that builds in much the same way as the opener, but veers off in a completely different direction with the melodic chorus given plenty of space to stand out...

It really isn’t until the tail end of the album that a bit of the Karnivool sound of old reappears more prominently, with “The Caudal Lure,” “Illumine” and the Tool-like “Deadman” highlighting the progressive side of the band’s current direction. Interestingly enough, it’s at the tail end of “Deadman” that a re-recorded/re-worked version of “Change (Part 1)” makes an appearance, with the near eleven minute epic final track “Change” (which most will no doubt will be referred to as “Change (Part 2)” by fans) is virtually an aural spectrum of everything that encompasses Karnivool’s musical repertoire without forsaking the Kenny’s trademark stunning melodies.

Contact us here or at thecityofdevils@gmail.com if you want a shot at the tix.  The contest is open until we say it's closed.